3 Tips For Maintaining Your AC System During the Summer

It’s finally starting to feel like summer in the Greater Philadelphia area! What a relief, after what seemed to be a lackluster spring and a frigid, long winter with its fair share of storms. Now that the weather’s warming up, weekend trips to the Jersey Shore, family barbeques, and a vacation or two are sure to be on your to-do list.

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3 Signs Your AC Unit May Be Running Low on Refrigerant

When the temperatures start to rise, having a working air conditioning unit with enough refrigerant can be a godsend. Even if your AC unit is working properly, a lack of refrigerant will prevent your home from staying cool during the dog days of summer. Even worse, running an air conditioner with a lack of refrigerant can lead to severe damage.


Anyone who believes that their air conditioner is running low on refrigerant should contact B & B Mechanical today. As the trust provider of HVAC installation in Feasterville, PA, our company has been the go-to choice for all AC services in the Greater Philadelphia area for over 20 years.


Before the hot temperatures are here to stay, keep an eye out for these three signs that your AC unit may be running low on refrigerant:


  • One of the easy ways to see if your refrigerant is running low is if your house takes longer than usual to cool off. Even if you’re just turning on your unit for the first time this year, if you notice that your house never really feels that cold, a charge of freon from B & B Mechanical may be all you need to keep cool this summer.


  • Another sure sign you’re low on refrigerant is a high increase in electric bill. An AC unit running on low refrigerant will run much longer than usual, sending your electric bill through the roof. While it is normal to see an increase between spring and summer due to your unit being on more often, but an increase from summer months last year compared to this year is an indicator your AC unit should be inspected by one of our technicians.


  • Even though seeing ice on the refrigerant line may seem like its a good sign, it’s not. As refrigerant gets lower and lower, the unit’s evaporator coil gets colder and colder. This causes what little refrigerant left to flow back through the line. Any sight of ice or condensation on a refrigerant line should prompt a shutdown of the AC unit and a call to the experts at B & B Mechanical.


For more information on B & B Mechanical or our heating and boiler services in Washington Crossing, PA, we encourage you to give us a call at 215-240-4530 tod

How the Recent Nor’easters Might Have Damaged Your HVAC Unit

There’s no doubt that you felt the blustering winds and waves of snow sweeping through the our region after the unseasonably late nor’easter storms that arrived this March. While it might not feel like spring outside yet, the temperatures will soon rise, and you’ll want your HVAC system to be working.


However, the nor’easter may have caused damage to your exterior system. At B & B Mechanical, the leading AC repair providers in Langhorne, PA, we have compiled a list of three things to check for before the warmer temperatures arrive.


  • The cornerstone of these nor’easters was massive amounts of high-speed snow and wind. This means that mud, leaves and other forms of debris can get caught in pumps and fans that keep your HVAC system running efficiently. This can lead to increased utility bills and a less efficient system if blockages are not addressed.


  • Interior corrosion. The most recent nor’easters brought with them a large amount of snow and ice. If your HVAC system was left uncovered when the storms blew through, melting snow can cause corrosion in the interior works of your cooling system. If you haven’t already, you need to make sure to throw a waterproof cover over your exterior HVAC unit to minimize the damage caused by blizzards.


  • Ice build-up. If you’ve noticed that ice has built up on the exterior of your HVAC system, do not try to scrape or chisel it away yourself, as doing so can cause you to accidentally bend a piece of your machine and cause serious, irreversible damage. Instead, call one of our professionals to help get your system back up and running efficiently.


Have the nor’easters harmed your cooling system? Let B & B Mechanical take a look! Give our team a call today at 215-240-4530 to learn more about how we can help you have a more comfortable spring and summer with our services, which include AC repair in Newtown, PA.

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