5 Ways to Keep Cool During a Heatwave…Without Turning on the AC!

Sometimes, you want to turn off the AC and give your wallet a break. Other times, you need emergency HVAC repair and can’t use your cooling system at all. When the summer heat is unrelenting, here’s what you can do to stay comfortable without air conditioning:

Cool Down Your Body

Ultimately, a slightly warmer house isn’t a big deal as long as you and your family are comfortably cool. Stay well-hydrated with plenty of chilled beverages, and wear baggy clothing made with light-colored, breathable fabrics. If you are still too hot, you can quickly bring down your body temperature by pressing a cold compress to your neck and wrists.

Stay Close to the Ground

Heat rises, so going upstairs is a recipe for misery. Stay as close to the ground as possible, whether that means retreating to your basement during the hottest part of the day or moving your mattress to the floor of your bedroom at night.

Cover Up Your Windows

Almost one-third of the heat in your home comes in through the windows. Leave your windows open and uncovered during the evening and early morning, then use thick curtains or other window coverings to keep out the hot midday sun.

Make Your Own DIY Air Conditioner

Who needs a high-tech air conditioner? You can craft a cool breeze with a bowl of ice, a fan, and zero technical know-how. Just place the bowl of ice in front of the fan, angle it so that the breeze hits the bowl, and luxuriate in your homemade AC.

Cook Your Meals Strategically

A hot kitchen can warm up your whole house, so try not to use your oven or stove. That doesn’t have to mean take out every night, though! You can make summer-friendly meals in your slow cooker or on your outdoor grill. You can also put together healthy recipes with just your microwave.

For Truly Stifling Heat Waves…

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