4 Easy Ways To Stay Warm Indoors This Winter

With the winter weather quickly upon us, many of us will soon be looking for ways to stay warm this fall without relying heavily on our heating units. With chilly temperatures at night but mild weather during the day, fall can have some confusing weather at times. Not knowing if you should turn your heater on just yet is a common dilemma around this time.

We here at B&B Mechanical, the top choice for gas furnace repair in Croydon, PA, are always advising homeowners on tips and tricks to stay warm during fall. Located in Levittown, PA, we know first-hand how up and down the Pennsylvania weather can be during fall and winter. Here are just a few of the tricks we tell homeowners that are looking for ways to stay warm:

Bundle Up

When you return home from work during the week and get changed out of your uniform or formal clothes, grab for a pair of sweatpants or a sweater instead of shorts or a t-shirt. Bundling up when around the house will allow you to hold off a little bit longer before turning the heat on for what would most likely be the remainder of winter.

Open Up the Shades During the Day

Anyone who finds themselves at home during the day should always open up their blinds. On sunny days during the fall, there is enough sunlight to warm your home to a comfortable temperature. Even on the coldest of days, making sure sunlight is getting into your home will help keep you from turning on your heating too early.

Close Your Doors

There is only enough natural heat to go around. Closing bathroom doors and bedroom doors will help make the main rooms in your home stay warmer. Rooms that are rarely used can remain closed during fall as a way to stay warm.

Call Us At B&B Mechanical

Even if you plan on holding off to turn on your heating unit, it is smart to have it inspected before that first night of freezing temperatures. We’re happy to come out and inspect your HVAC unit to ensure that you have a lazy, cozy, warm winter in your home.


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