3 Common Reasons for Furnace Repair

Leaves are starting to change colors and come off the trees, football has taken over the television and families everywhere are putting away their T-shirts and shorts and breaking out their sweaters and jeans. There’s no doubt that fall is officially here! Like most people, you’re probably going to be switching from cooling your home to heating it soon, and you may find that your system is in need of repairs during the sudden switch.


If you find that your HVAC system is making strange noises or taking a long time to heat up, it’s likely that your system needs some kind of professional repair. Our professionals are also available to provide heater installation services in Croydon, PA and the surrounding areas. Here are three common reasons that many residents need furnace repair during the winter season.


  • Lack of maintenance. Did you know that most HVAC systems are supposed to be serviced for maintenance and tuned up twice a year? Many homeowners neglect to schedule regular maintenance for their systems throughout the year, which can take its toll and result in a breakdown during the winter season.


  • Old filters. When was the last time your heating system got a new filter? Furnace filters are supposed to be changed about once every three months. If you are noticing more dirt and dust in your air than usual or a strange smell, it’s likely that your furnace needs to have a filter change as soon as possible.


  • A sudden switch from cooling to heating. Fall and winter weather tends to sneak up on us. One day it might be sunny and 80 degrees out, and the next it’s raining and time to turn on the heat indoors. Suddenly switching between heating and cooling can put a large amount of stress on your HVAC system which, when combined with a lack of maintenance, can lead to a higher probability of breakdowns.


If you are in need of HVAC repair or installation in the Feasterville, PA region this fall, give B & B Mechanical a call at 215-240-4530 to speak with an expert.


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